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Ezra Klein, Vox, 2016.07.22

Sometimes, I wonder how people’s minds work. Last month, we had the Brexit. Than the Japanese senatorial elections. And now this. People keep voting for demagogues, sexist assholes and stupid racists. I really wonder what makes them so attractive, so convincing. Their speeches are full of lies and hatred. They keep talking about figures that are wrong or used the wrong way, creating fear among people. And the worst part in this is that it is extremely difficult to stop them!

Trump is a liar. Trump boasts constantly that he had the judgment and foresight to oppose the Iraq War. But he didn’t. On September 11, 2002, Trump was asked by Howard Stern whether he supported the invasion of Iraq. “Yeah, I guess so,” he replied. Trump has not sought to explain these comments or offer evidence of an alternative judgment he offered elsewhere. He just lies about this, and he does so often.

This is just not ok. It’s like the “give the money back to the NHS” issue in the UK: “Will you invest the money that won’t go to the EU in the NHS?” “No” Well, you wrote that on buses, man, you should have thought about in advance!

What is amazing, and I really feel it in France with the rise of the Front National, is that the most vulnerable people vote for those sharks. Poor, jobless, discriminated,… But they don’t get that those politicians are not here to make their lives better! They have their own agenda (like Trump that wants to lower taxes on high incomes), their own secret projects that will make those people’s lives even more difficult afterwards. I do not trust politicians in general, especially when they lightly say that they are going to improve employment rate, wages and social care, all at once and without struggling. I know it is just a campaign and those are just words. I also have a clear and global idea of what I want society to be like. I don’t rely on one single political party. I just rely on my own sense of justice and fairness, on what I think could be good for French people in general. Why? Because I’m from a privileged family and I don’t have to worry about my daily life. Well, I do, a little, but still, I don’t fear unemployment that much, I don’t fear not having a roof over my head, I don’t fear not being able to put food on my table. I can take the time to think about a fairer society, with the promotion of small local businesses and communities producing eco-friendly veggies and campaigning against mass-consumption.

I’m certainly part of this intello-hipster-socialist community that many people dislike and resent. But I really want to scream to the world: there are other solutions! Please do not lose hope, please do not be deceived by those liars, please believe in this world a little more!


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