I seriously do not know how many times I got shock at very, VERY sexist actions in Japan. As a fairly feminist French woman, I feel really annoyed, and sometimes angry, at what guys AND girls are able to say or do in here. Yesterday was an excellent example of that. I was at a friend’s place, with other friends. Then this guy (a friend of our host) comes, accompanied by a cute girl. Soon, everyone is drunk, blabla, the same old story. I was talking to a guy friend when the cute girl stands up and bends over to get something on the other side of the low table. My friend starts to stare at her butt and of course, I can’t help reprimand him: “What the hell are you doing??” The guy friend of the cute girl must have heard me and basically grabs her skirt and pull it up!! WTF?! And she had very minimal underwear, so her butt was basically fully apparent. I guess the worst part of this story is that the girl did NOT react, as if it was normal to have some guy showing your butt to the rest of the world. I felt so angry at the guy, but also at the girl. I know we were not raised in the same kind of environment (my dad is also fairly feminist and my mom is a highly educated working woman + I come from France, which is not the best place ever when it comes to sex equality, but not the worst either), but STILL!!! I just can’t look at girls being treated like that. I can’t stand them letting themselves touched in public, as if it was normal. No, girls, your bodies are YOURS, no one is entitled to touch it without your consent! Please, please, please, WAKE UP! Don’t let this “phallocratie“, as we say in French, affect you. Start walking in a different direction. Stop being afraid of “what are people going to say” and “but there are no way they will accept me this way“.

It’s time for this mentality to change. It’s time to break that rule that you need to wear a skirt to go to job interviews. It’s time to stop being a secretary because you’re a woman, instead of becoming an executive, even though you have the skills. It is time to change this idea that women have to be cute, fragile and docile. Girls, it’s time to live your lives!



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