Adam Taylor, The Whashington Post, (12.01.15)

I really hate this comedian. I would not even call him a comedian. I don’t know who he still makes laugh these days. I recently read an article saying that even people who used to support him are slowly turning away. His anti-Semitic ‘jokes’ are not acceptable. His attitude in general is an insult to France. But here again, can we make him stop talking just because he doesn’t not think like us?

I personally think that he’s dangerous. Weak minded people could be convinced by his discourses, convinced that Jewish people are all evil, trying to kill all Muslim on this planet, while concentrating all wealth. He plays with people’s fear and creates fictional phobia. His attitude in general is a call for more intolerance and more hatred and I do not believe that the French society needs that.

Now, coming back to the “I feel like Charlie Coulibaly” incident… My question is actually quite simple: would a totally unknown person be investigated for saying this? Or is it only because he is a controversial celebrity? To which extent can the law punish someone for stating his/her personal opinion? I don’t think that saying such a horrible thing just after a traumatizing event is the right thing to do. Again, I also think that his discourse about Jewish people is shocking and should not be accepted. But can he be investigated for praising terrorist attacks because of one Facebook status? This is so complicated… As much as I think that he’s a complete asshole and deserves being trashed, I am still wondering: how far can freedom of speech go?

Edit (15.1.15): I found an interesting article on Le Monde while browsing today. Since it deals with the limits of freedom of speech and the case of Dieudonné, I think it would fit perfectly in this article.


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