Camille Polloni, Rue 89.

“They are infidels, they are the enemies of the religion, the enemies of God, the enemies of humanity and religion. Praise be to God, we open fire on them. We ask God to grant us victory over them.”
IS soldier in Vice News’ Coverage.

I have been raised in a culturally Christian country, by parents who told me that I should believe in what I want. I have learnt about Christianity, Islam and Judaism in school, through religion and history classes. I am far from saying that I know a lot about it. To be frank, I was more interested in ancient Egypt and Greece (Rome had less interest to me) and one of my hobbies was to remember not really important forgotten gods, if possible with extremely weird names.

Therefore, I have a really critical point of view on those monotheist religions. For me, they share the same roots and preach the same kind of ground message and I don’t understand (or maybe don’t want to) why they would still fight like crazy, sometimes among themselves. When I see IS soldiers (are they soldiers?) talking about killing other Muslims in the name of God, calling them infidels, my brain freezes. WHAT?! I understand that religions generally have different branches with different ideologies. But do you actually need to kill each other because of that? Like during the Protestant Reform?

I have trouble understanding how it is possible to justify murder by saying one word: God. Especially when you are supposed to reach a hand to the ones in need and to love your neighbors. Is it to kill infidels and bring people back to the right path? But you guys are most certainly a super small minority of people believing in what you do, while a large majority of believers despite your actions and imams condemn your behavior. Are those also infidels? Because if it is the case, God must feel lonely.

Actually, what freaks me out the most (after the massive massacres, human rights violations and sexual slavery issues) is the reaction of some ignorant people. People who would say after looking at the news: “Look at those barbarians! That’s why I told you that Muslim people should not be allowed to stay in our country!” It is easy to play with people’s fear and anxiety by using the images and information we get from the Middle East, in order to discredit a whole religion. I hope it won’t get bigger than this. Or I don’t know what some people in Western countries (how I hate this term…) could start saying…

Happily, some people have interesting ideas. For example, to counter the right wing protests in Germany against refugees and immigration in general, SPD and Ecologists have proposed the idea of singing a Muslim song in churches on December 24th, while Omid Nouripour (ecologist) said that singing a Catholic song in mosques would be a strong sign of pacific cohabitation among religions. Who knows what will happen? But it would be a good idea to have more discussion between people from different religions. That is why I think that the Pope is doing a good job these days (I can’t believe I am writing this), trying to reach to other communities. You can do it, François! GO GO GO!


Listening to: Jung Yonghwa – 별, 그대


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