BBC News, 14.12.03

When I saw that article I couldn’t resist and decided to make a really short post about it. A regulation of selfie-sticks… WTF?! This country has some funky stuff going on. But I guess it is better to regulate something that could be harmful. Precaution Principle. I have no idea if this expression exists in English and I am too lazy to look it up on the internet. Anyway.

I am really skeptical about this amazing innovation. People, I mean, WE are so self-centered. Everything is self-something. And unsecured. We need a proof that we were there, a proof that will physically stay. Memories are filling up our phones, even though we pay little attention to it. Sometimes, when we are on the train and have nothing else to do, we scroll down and put them into files. Labeled, organized, neat. And someday, we’ll put them on our computer, because our phone will be overloaded. And forget about them, somewhere in a dusty hard drive. Am I too pessimist?


Listening to: Rap Monster – Too Much


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