Craig PALSSON, Yale University

Today, I read an interesting article talking about this research: did smartphones (and thus 3G) have an impact on kids injuring themselves. Apparently, yes. In cities that had good access to 3G networks, kids under the age of 5 injured themselves more than when their parents did not have access to it. It was particularly relevant for children under the age of 2 (10%), while children between 6 and 10 it was between 1 and 7%, depending on the city. But at the same time, the number did not increase in schools and day-cares, where the kids were under professional surveillance.

This research has not been published in a scientific journal for the moment, so it did not get approved by peers. Moreover, we don’t know if parents are being a little bit careless because they are on Candy Crush or because they are talking with their boss about work stuff. We don’t even know the proportion of parents using smartphones, since he did not conduct a field work (which would have been really complicated). But considering that he compared different categories of children and environments, it seems trustworthy. And it is something we should be careful about, I guess.


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