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Belinda Waymouth (2014.09.24)

Sometimes, I am reminded of my year spent in a Sustainable Development master. Even though the first part of the year was horrifying, with law and administration classes (thank you for putting the SD speciality in the Public Administration master…), the second semester made me realize a lot of things about our world. If I had discussions about global warming and how to avoid waisting resources with my father, studying environmental issues in depth was a first. My roommates were teasing me for becoming an “altermondialiste” (alter-globalization) person, I think it was for the best.

This article made me think of all the discussions we had about our current society and our unsustainable economy. All we do is made in order to have more growth. But what are we making grow? Should we all aspire to live like American people or should we think of another model? Isn’t it unfair to say that African people cannot obtain the level of comfort that we attained by polluting our planet? Everyone should be able to live like we do. Even though that would mean destructing our environment and condemning humanity to suffer even more in a few decades. Some would say that this is pure ideology. I used to believe so too, that I was biased because of my education. But then I now believe that scientifically, what we are aiming for (an amazing comfy life for 8 billion of people) is nonsense. Not even talking about the American way of life, a planet consuming like Japanese people (considered as one of the most ‘frugal’ population of developed countries) is not sustainable. We live in a world that disposes of limited resources; nothing can change it. Doomed by entropy.

One of our problem is that e are looking for ways to produce more energy without harming the earth. This article shows how natural gas (and that stupid shale gas) cannot be used as an alternative to other types of fossil fuels. But I think that the debate goes beyond this. The problem we have is that we live in a world that tells us to consume more and more, because it is a sign that we are living better. Is it true? I am not sure about it. Progress is an ideology; eternal growth an illusion. Even Adam Smith would agree with the second part of this sentence. But we still want to have more, more and more. I am stuck in this spiral too, guilty of accepting a system that promises disasters and distress. That is why we should discuss more the issue of consumption in itself, not only energy. The reason why we think it is impossible to stop producing nuclear energy in France (75% of the energy mix) is because we do not imagine consuming less energy in general. A lot of people would laugh at me, telling me that this is complete crap. Whatever. It will too late to realize it when it will be too late. But by then, we won’t be here anymore.


Listening to: 로이킴 (Roy Kim) [피노키오 OST Part 2] – 피노키오


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